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Where to find help and other information:

Drug users support services:

Clandestine Drug Laboratories and Public Health Risks - link

Methamphetamine: Effects and Responses:

Methamphetamine use in Australia - Stats:

Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF):

Queensland Department of Health, Environmental Hazards, Hazard Protection Unit

Phone: 07 33289310


NSW Division of Local Government

Phone: 02 44284100


Meth Report:

Northern Territory Department of Health, Environmental Health Branch

Phone: 1800 095646

Website or link:

South Australian Department of Health, Public Health Services

Phone: 08 82267100


Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, Environmental Public Health

Phone: 1300 761874


Website or link:

Tasmanian Department of Health and HumanServices, Public and Environmental Health

Phone: 1800 671738


Website or link:

Western Australian Department of Health, Environmental Health Directorate

Phone: 08 93884999


Website or link:

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