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Meth Residue Testing


METH.EX offers Meth residue sampling, reporting and decontamination services

We all care about the health of our family and friends. Their health can often be compromised if we move into a dwelling that has been used as a clandestine drug lab or because the previous occupants were users of methamphetamine. Children under 16 years  are at particular risk and can be adversely affected when they come in contact with residual traces of meth. 

Meth Residue Testing services can give peace of mind, help avoid litigation, and help see a path forward in case of a positive result.

Meth Residue Testing may be useful to Landlords and Property Managers, tenants, home buyers and others.

Meth Testing helps to set a historical baseline for the property, enabling the owner to build an accurate timeline of potential contamination

Advantages of the Instant Meth tests are:

  • Very sensitive

  • No hazardous chemicals

  • Visual Result in 1-2 minutes

  • Very cost-effective in comparison to laboratory screening

  • Able to detect the presence of drugs in a sample at levels of 0.5 micrograms per 100 sqr cm (<1 ppm part per million)

  • Specificity MMC FNT Tests Vs. GC-GC/MS: Negative: 99.38%, Positive: 97.45%

  • The Meth Rescue Presumptive Forensic Narcotic Tests are CE Approved

Discreet Lab Sampling should be undertaken to determine actual residue contamination levels and location.

A decontamination plan should not be implemented without a an accurate understanding of where in the property the contamination has occurred.


Chemical makeup of meth
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