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From Inspection to Correction

Meth residue screening and cleaning 

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METH.EX offers Meth residue screening, giving peace of mind to new home owners or Landlords. Prevention will always be difficult for a landlord or property manager, therefore baseline and periodic meth testing is a cheap and effective detective or deterrent control, to reduce the likelihood and impact of a contaminated home.

In the event of a Positive reading, we can implement an action plan and decontaminate the building so that is safe for occupants to live there. Early detection may save thousands in decontamination costs.


RESIDUE Sampling



- Landlords 

- Property Managers


- Home Buyers

 - Hotel/Motel operators

- Used Car dealers & buyers

 - Insurance Companies

- Concerned Parents


- Peace of mind

- Protect your family

- Protect your asset

- Avoid litigation

- Set baseline historical reference point

Clandestine Meth labs

Over 600 meth labs were discovered in Australia in 2015. For every one found it is estimated there are another ten operating in secret.

Could your rental property be one of the estimated 6000+ clandestine drug labs in operation right now?

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How does meth contaminate?

Meth contamination can occur during manufacture and during use. 


Various methods are used to "cook" methamphetamine.

Toxic vapours and gases are given off during the heating process which contaminate the immediate area. Immediate exposure health effects can result from sudden releases of toxic material, explosions or fire which in some instances may pose an immediate threat to life or long term disability, particularly from the respiratory effects of corrosive or poisonous gases or from large scale tissue damage. Up to 20% of clan labs in residences in Australia are identified as a result of an explosion or fire. In the US, New Zealand and Australia, it has been reported that many people have been killed or severely injured as a result of clan lab explosions.

If a "cook" is successful, meth residues can be found on all surfaces in the clan lab with concentrations near extraction points in the room

Contamination may also occur when waste products are dumped in clan lab yards or discarded into the sewerage system

Data from hundreds of drug labs tested show residual meth contamination from 0.05µg/100cm2 up to 4000 µg/100cm2.

The Australian National safe guideline is 0.05µg/100cm2


Meth Use:

There are three main forms of methamphetamine: powder (speed), base, and crystal. Of particular concern is the crystalline form of methamphetamine, known as ‘ice’. Ice, also known as crystal meth, is the most potent form of methamphetamine, and is usually smoked or injected.

Smoking has become the main method of administration. Statistics show that among ice users, the majority (78%) prefer to smoke it.

Smoking involves heating the crystal to release a vapour which is then inhaled. This vapour is able to permeate any porous surface in the room where its being used and can settle as a residue on non-porous surfaces. Prolonged use over time can result in higher levels of contamination with some "smoke houses" found to have residue up to 10µg/100cm2. 

The Australian National safe guideline is 0.05µg/100cm2

Secondary contamination can occur when our bodies come in contact with residues left behind. Meth can be absorbed into our bodies by dermal absorption or by ingestion of residues from incidental hand to mouth contact or by inhalation. Dermal absorption accounts for 80-95% of total intake.

Inhalation of residue may occur if particles are re-suspended into the air.

There have been reports of people, including children, exposed to or living in un-remediated labs with throat irritations, skin irritation and burns, nausea, respiratory issues and behavioural changes, particularly in children. Other effects commonly reported include skin rashes, sore and watering eyes (potentially associated with respiratory problems and increased susceptibility to infections), sleep disturbance, headaches and dizziness 

photo 19-02-18 lab damage.jpg

Damage caused from explosion in a Meth lab. Contaminants are spread rapidly over a wide area in an explosion

meth 1.jpg

Vapour given off during use leaves residues which can be absorbed by our bodies through touch, inhalation and ingestion


Our background is Cleaning and Restoration. With more and more houses affected by Methamphetamine manufacture and use, it became necessary to understand the health risks associated with the residue being left behind not only for the benefit of the occupants but also for our own health and safety. Through our research, we realised there was a need for technicians with NIOSH 9111 compliant Methamphetamine sampling capabilities and Decontamination know how. 

METH.EX was established 2018

Request a METH TEST

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